You live your own life and it becomes so normal to you. Sometimes I really consider my situation and it makes me shake my head a little bit. Basically, this week I took an island vacation from the other island of Madeira. I headed to Porto Santo, a prime sun-baking destination. However, for those of you that know me, it wasn’t a vacation or for sun-baking that I was in Porto Santo. The adventures were on.

When everyone asks why I wanted two weeks on Porto Santo and that there were only two hikes, I just told them to wait and see. This came from readers, people I met on Madeira, and even raised eyebrows at the Madeira Tourism Bureau. It’s always the same case. Whatever a location is known for, that’s all it’s known for. In this case, Porto Santo is known for its sandy beach and only has two ‘official’ hikes, which aren’t even that popular. It’s not my last couple of days here on Porto Santo and I’ve done 5 hikes with two more to go. I’ve been scuba-diving to a shipwreck, had sunrise in caves, floated in natural pools and I’m more tired than when I was on Madeira.

It’s actually been kinds of funny, to be honest. The tourism board hooked us up with a stay at an all-inclusive hotel called Vila Baleira. Each need I came into the buffet in hiking gear, my back photography backpack and looking sweaty and rattled. The older Europeans would glare out the side of their eyes and murmur to their partner. They came for the beach and I really have no idea what they thought I was doing here. We lived this island in very different ways!

Short story aside. These are my favorite photos from the week and I’ll throw in a couple of videos as well. Hope you all had a great week and worked towards your goals for the end of 2020.

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  1. That’s what exploring really means. Every place is know by this or by that but the truth it’s that sometimes some of most beautiful things are hidden and ready to be explored and found.
    Keep exploring my friend, you are top nº 1 😉

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